Options & Extra's

Most options and extras are included and some have a small fee (marked with an asterix *).
click on any title for more details.

Grocery Shopping Meal Preparation*

The galley is available for cooking. It is stocked with all essentials including complimentary ground coffee and all cleaning supplies. If you are doing your own cooking it is up to you to stock the galley, or we can assist for you for a 15% stocking fee* just forward a shopping list two weeks before your trip.

While Alberni Charters can not prepare meals for you, you may hire a cook to take care of all kitchen duties if you wish. We can recommend a seafood specialist, who has been out with our previous guests with great reviews. He will stock the galley for you and prepare spectacular dishes from the ocean to your plate att $100 a day per person.

Beach Fire Shore Dining*

Going ashore to some of our secret white sand island hideaways is a real treat. You may zodiac ashore at any time for an evening of dining on your day's catch. We are happy to assist you as required (setting up bbq, fire, picnic with everything you will need).

We go ashore with all cook fire utensils: starter, axe, food prepared for a beech cook out, utensils, dishes and cutlery, serving dishes dish towels, paper towels, oyster and shellfish utensils, fire flashlights and dingy safety equipment not to mention getting everyone to shore and back.

This is an optional service requiring preparations dis assembly and clean up for a handling fee of $100. --- Just going ashore for exploring has no fee ---

Hotel stay

 On longer than 3 day trips we usually stop in one of the bigger centers like Bamfield. We restock and do some house cleaning. Some folks have opted to stay for a night on land at some point of the trip.

To accommodate extreme fishing for example some  groups have split up for a day where part of your group can explore in town while the other part may halibut fish rejoining when ready.

Your preference may be to try a night under the stars on an island. Whichever suits you, we will make it happen. We will be glad to help with hotel arrangements at the end of your trip as well. Each trip has different comfort requirements and every group is unique.


Fuel Costs*

We cap the fuel bill at $100. per day on most trips unless you are using our services for transporting or traversing long distances of more than 4 hours. Fuel used during your charter will be added to your bill. As fishing and cruising consume fuel at different rates we feel this is the best way to give the best value to every guest. So whether you want to get to the fishing grounds faster, or leisurely poke your way through the Broken Group Archipelago, you can rest assured your fuel bill will be fairly calculated on only the fuel used for your trip. Our unique hybrid system translates into big smiles at the fuel dock and the great going green feeling.

Docking & Marina fees*

Voyages include staying on the Oracle. We anchor in a quiet bay where there are no fees but you wish to stay where dock fees are charged they will be added to your bill at posted rate.  approximately  $ 40.

Deck Hand

Our mission is to support you in a hands on experience. It's your trip and our deck hand steps up only when required. Setting up your equipment and the correct baits with a bit of advice can go a long way.  He will help gaffing the big one, sharing the fine points of angling, making sure everyone is safe and handling your catch to ensure quality. Going ashore on the zodiac requires safe boaters certificate - a deck hand helps make each trip smooth sailing as well as enlightening and entertaining.

Deck hand is $ 100. per day plus gratuity

Deck hand taking zodiac ashore
Zodiak heading ashore at Effingham Island

Extra Night*

  • Arrive at 7 pm. the night before your trip or just spend the night as your floating B&B, on the boat for the night for $440. for the first 4 people. The fifth person or more is $ 80 for this eco evening.
  • You may spend this evening crabbing to stock up for your trip
  • Bring your personal sleeping bag to save $ 20 / person

Additional Guests*

The first four people of your group are at the posted rate.
The prices below are for the fifth or more guests:

  • each extra guest $160 for 8 hour day
  • each extra guest $240 per day on multi day trips
  • bring your sleeping bag and save $ 20
  • children under 12 go free when accompanied by four adults

 One bed is a double, three are singles, there is a salon drop down table to a double and a bench seat. People have also slept on the flybridge or tented on a sandy beach with other campers. Large or double families have accommodated themselves in a camping atmosphere that hasn't been as comfortable as a private bed. Extra people are welcome, although they may not be as comfortable at night. Call for details.

Capacity is 12 passengers for day trips / less passengers for overnight
A waver must be signed by all guests.

Additional Time

When the fishing is just to good to stop.

  • Extend your day trip by 4 hours for $440
  • Extend an overnight trip by 24 hours for $1860

Crabbing excursion

Crabbing can be done with a personal trap like the one in the photo. Its an interactive way where everyone on board gets their own trap. Lots of fun and ends with a crab feast.


Man with a crab trap full of crab
Crabbing Sarrita Bay with individual trap

Whats included:

all fishing equipment,
all safety equipment,
life vests and first aid kit
prawning and crabbing traps
feel free to bring your favorite rod
all day complementary ground coffee
pots pans dishes and silverware
propane stove with oven
propane barbeque
sleeping bags and pillows (bring your own and save $20)
5 inch mattresses
hot and cold water showers
two piece bathroom
fridge, freezer, icebox, 2 x 160 liter coolers
ice and bait & fish cleaning
fish processing is not included
wood burning grill for shore cookouts

Some things not to bring:
anything in glass containers
hard sole shoes
illegal drugs
any navigational equipment

What you will need

Glad you are coming here are some things to bring

  • A salt water fishing license
  • Food and snacks since you'll be active in the fresh air
  • Shorts and t shirts but also layers for varying conditions
  • Lightweight rain gear and waterproof soft deck shoes
  • Extra set of clothes,  your favorite pillow
  • Hat, sunglasses, sunblock, bug repellent
  • Motion sickness medication like the patch or West Marine bracelet
  • Cooler to transport your fish or make arrangements for transport
  • Large Ziplocks have many uses to keep things dry or fillets
  • Camera

Some things not to bring

  • Anything in glass
  • Hard sole shoes
  • Illegal drugs
  • Fireworks
  • Any navigational equipment

Prawn barbecue

Prawning is another west coast favorite activity that our guest are welcome to enjoy on their charter. We will show you how to set up your baits and plan to pick them up after a tide change. You can use them in our mini quiche recipie, scrambled eggs, barbecue or seafood diner. We call them our mini lobsters. Prawning is great off of Poett Nook, San Mateo and Stud Island among other places.

Prawns on the barbecue
Prawns on the barbecue