The FULL Barkley Sound experience - 5 Days - 4 Nights on the Oracle

snow capped mountains surrounding Barkley Sound
The FULL Barkley Sound experience

This 5 day Barkley Sound experience is the ultimate west coast excursion, doing a variety of local 'West Coast' nautical favourite pastimes, including: salmon and halibut fishing; crabbing; prawning; oyster BBQ; a beach fire dinner; zodiac excursions and more.

Our Barkley Sound Guide can help you see the options of routes and plan activities for your marine adventure or if you prefer an eco-tour. If coho salt water fly fishing is your thing, then yes we will drift the Bamfield Wall for you, or do a butter clam dig, or visit Bamfield for an evening of Music by the Sea! We plan an amazing loop visiting picturesque  destinations .

A five day trip may look like this:

  • depart 6am on day one for fishing with evening crab catch and feast
  • day two; salmon fishing, an oyster farm visit and ending up at Robbers Passage
  • day 3; early start prawning and fishing with a mid day refresh and restocking the Oracle. This might be a good yellow eye time. In the evening we head for an island beach where we make a seafood feast to end the day.
  • early start on day four; we head out for big halibut. We will jig lingcod and other species near volcanic islands. Bring out the cameras for the sea lions.  Then we head for Effingham Bay for the evening.
  • the final day comes too quickly as we fish our way back through Barkley Sound, arriving at the dock at 2pm for group pictures and organize your catch for transport.

Tell us about your group. We appreciate the opportunity to offer you a personal quote.

We tour in a spirit of overwhelming appreciation of abounding nature. It's your private time on your private vessel in a timeless place. This is a Barkley Sound exclusive, custom tailored tour on an island in the Pacific.