Your Guide to Barkley Sound

Barkley Sound, British Columbia, Canada
Barkley Sound, British Columbia, Canada

Within Barkley Sound is a collection of islands on the West Coast of Vancouver Island. The Broken Group and Deer Group are famous for the best fishing in North America. The headwaters flow through Port Alberni and head downstream where millions of salmon migrate annually to spawning grounds, past sawmills, campgrounds and marinas. Barkley Sound  stretches from Ucluelet Peninsula in the north to Cape Beale in the south and offers some of the most spectacular fishing for salmon, halibut and bottom fish on the entire North American continent. From early spring to late fall, salmon travel from Alaska, past the Queen Charlotte Islands, all past these shores and many return to Barkley Sound itself to spawn in the local rivers and streams. While Barkley Sound is widely recognized for its excellent summer fishery, it really offers year round opportunity as the Sound and offshore waters serve as a nursery for salmon and halibut.

An excellent offshore or sheltered water experience awaits you. The routes among the islands offer plenty to enjoy without going out onto the open ocean.  Enjoy many outdoor activities:  fishing, crabbing , prawning, exploring island trails,  sandy white beach swimming, oyster pickeing, or shore  cookout . Barkley Sound is also famous for having the most diverse marine life found anywhere. Killer whales, porpoises, salmon, shrimp, rockfish and others call the area home. Beautiful panoramas are everywhere and you are invited for an Alberni Charters experience.

"a place to reconnect with yourself, as you discover Barkley Sound, British Columbia." - Orest Iwaszko

You are entering Jacques Cousteau's second favorite playground in the world!!